A New Look!

The Be Yourself campaign has grown since the last presentation, to where creating an online platform is a distinct possibility. It is on the verge of becoming something much larger, a social media campaign to spread the positive attributes about the use of makeup. If managed correctly, it could do a lot of good around the world.

The posters and over feel of the campaign is much more successful with the use of graphics to go work with the campaign photography. The illustrations show the style of the campaign in a light hearted way and added an element of interest to gain more visual appeal.


The Be Yourself campaign video will then go on to tell stories, of each girl in the video, with the use of stop motion graphics. Every individual chose their own hashtag to go with the slogan hashtag of #BeYourself. It was important to have involvement from people who are both comfortable with and without makeup, and someone who wears makeup for special occasions, or for work.

This was an important process, which clearly showed the wide range of emotions people expressed when asked about using makeup. Many different feelings and attitudes prevail on this sensitive topic.

Happiness, Confidence, and an individual’s overall sense of self worth, are all enhanced with the power of Makeup.



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