BE YOURSELf – Campaign Video

Well the time has finally come and after countless nights and frustrating fights with After Effects the Be Yourself Campaign Video is done. It is a fun and playful campaign to highlight a completely positive atmosphere to makeup use.


It’s designed to help each individual feel like themselves, however that may be. Promoting that the best trend or look you can go for is when you’re most comfortable in your own skin. Use a little. Use a lot. However you want to be seen.. is the you that you should present.  What does makeup mean to you and what brings you the confidence to be yourself?

The the girls in the campaign make your own hashtag of how makeup makes you feel, to go along side #BeYourself.




After working through this project I would love to continue to spread the positive thoughts on makeup use, through this campaign. Be Yourself could be a wonder outlet for anyone to express themselves however they would love. This is such a current situation and I am excited to continue to learn more on something I find as a creative outlet.

Here’s my second assessment presentation to give a full look at what I brought forward as a solution and check out the campaign video to learn more.

Be Yourself – Large Campaign Poster

BeYourself_FullPoster.jpgThis poster encompasses a large portion of the Be Yourself campaign. The ads and graphics are made to be adaptable. From posters, to street ads, Instagram posts, or the main video itself. They can be adjusted and reworked for the specific element. The call to action is simple, it’s to encourage the viewer to simply visit, use or check out the hashtags. Then they can also share their own hashtag of how makeup makes them feel.


A New Look!

The Be Yourself campaign has grown since the last presentation, to where creating an online platform is a distinct possibility. It is on the verge of becoming something much larger, a social media campaign to spread the positive attributes about the use of makeup. If managed correctly, it could do a lot of good around the world.

The posters and over feel of the campaign is much more successful with the use of graphics to go work with the campaign photography. The illustrations show the style of the campaign in a light hearted way and added an element of interest to gain more visual appeal.


The Be Yourself campaign video will then go on to tell stories, of each girl in the video, with the use of stop motion graphics. Every individual chose their own hashtag to go with the slogan hashtag of #BeYourself. It was important to have involvement from people who are both comfortable with and without makeup, and someone who wears makeup for special occasions, or for work.

This was an important process, which clearly showed the wide range of emotions people expressed when asked about using makeup. Many different feelings and attitudes prevail on this sensitive topic.

Happiness, Confidence, and an individual’s overall sense of self worth, are all enhanced with the power of Makeup.


Critique Progress

After having critique on the current state of my video, I re-thought where I was at for a new approach. After getting suggestions to have more interactive elements, I thought of a music video that had interesting graphics for a stop motion type of feel. Where Are U Now, produced by Skrillex and Diplo, features video stills printed out and then drawn on top of.

My general style is more of a hand drawn type of touch and I took inspiration from that to move forward with new illustrative elements. Each of the girls in the campaign, would have different illustrations to match with their clip and create more of a visual element to bring the viewer through the video.  These graphical elements can then be carried out through the various posters, online campaign sharing, and branding.


Video Research

For the upcoming work on making a campaign video I wanted to do a little digging and find some interesting examples online. I find stop motion very interesting because it gives a range of motion to the otherwise still imagery, while at the same time giving a more natural atmosphere. A lot of people find it hard to be themselves while being tapes or photographed. I chose to do a form of stop motion so that while I took the photos of the girls, there would be candid moments. Moments when they weren’t 100% sure I was taking a photo, or they weren’t ready, its the photos in between the main photos that are important. Catching these moments are what give the character and reliability to a campaign.

Moving forward it will be key to make sure I take lots of photos for the video and these are some of my favourite videos I found while searching around.