The Power of Makeup

Patrick Simondac, better known as Patrick Starrr, is a pretty big name in the makeup industry. He is now a professional freelance makeup artist, but it wasn’t always like that. Like most men with a love for makeup he’s said how his family did struggle at first with him wanting to wear makeup. That being said he pursued his dreams, stuck to who he truly was and is now on everyones radar in the makeup industry.

A favourite video of mine that he’s done is in a trending series called, “The Power of Makeup.” Different Youtubers will make videos and then tag another to keep the chain going. This chain just happens to highlight the very power that makeup can hold. Patrick show of his amazing skills in his and mentions that you always have to be yourself, just like my campaign slogan.

Like he mentions in this video, he’s a boy that loves makeup, and why should that be a problem? Through all the research, the words of feedback from surveys, and the things I’ve seen online; be yourself was so relevant between it all. #BeYourself and share the power of the makeup you use!

In another video Patrick says that “makeup is a one size fits all.” That is such an honest and true statement, in the fact that each person can wear it so differently, and there is something for everyone out there. There are so many different things you can try, or use in makeup, no matter who you are. If makeup is an outlet that you use to boost your confidence than wear it. If you’re a man that wants to cover up that blemish for something, don’t feel ashamed. If you want to wear a full face of makeup, do it. There is no shame in wanting to be yourself.



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