CoverGirl’s first ever.. Cover Boy! 

Ground breaking news in beauty headlines right now is the newly announced CoverGirl. Who is actually the first ever Cover Boy, James Charles. This 17 year old makeup artist is extremely talented, and it’s about time the cover featured someone of the opposite sex.

While James looks fantastic with makeup he said that he, “can be confident with bare skin and with a full face.” He’s clearly not afraid to rock a full face of makeup any day of the week. It’s great to see more male makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists taking the internet by storm. James becoming the first male spokesmodel for Covergirl, is a huge step in creating an atmosphere that is welcoming for both genders in the makeup and beauty industry.

James isn’t the only male makeup lover to be all over the internet right now though. A popular name or face that you may have seen is Manny Gutierrez, who’s Instagram bio’s first line is, “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.” Ultimately things are definitely moving in the right direction, and hopefully the acceptance of everyone’s choices will become more appreciated.

In the world of makeup, it’s all about creativity. You’re using tools that can give you a new freedom of speech. There’s no reason that the makeup guru’s that are idolized can’t be men, and the ones emerging right now are damn good at what they do!

The campaign I am working on right now unfortunately doesn’t have any males in the initial video. However, I would love to have the opportunity to work with them down the road. The true essence of this campaign would be to involve everyone, and that is what I’m ultimately looking for.



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