The use of makeup for awareness.

Make Love Not Scars is a non government organization, creating a place for acid attack victims to come together. It’s to help them through their recovery process and give them an outlet to band together and regain their own life.

One of their members who is helping to spread awareness on the issue is, Reshma Bano. In 2014, the young girl was attacked with acid and instead of staying quiet, decided to speak out against the topic on Youtube.

This brave, young woman, is speaking out with these simple videos using the outlet of the beauty industry in the media. This makeup can also help her to feel a different sense of herself, after going through such a traumatic experience she mentioned that she really hadn’t done anything. In a video with Blush, they referenced to her as, “The Brave Beauty.” After giving her a full makeover, she ended the video saying that, “Today I have lived and I feel really good. I want to be this way always, I feel great.” They gave her something to look forward to. The way they dolled her up empowered her to see herself, the way I’m sure many people see her already, just for her pure strength and positivity.

There are many issues going on in India today. It is far too easy to access and buy acid, which when thrown in a woman’s face, is taking away the livelihood of women there. Blush, the people involved in the video, through the use of clothes and makeup, were able to give her a sense of her life back. She then went on to make videos in a series called, Beauty Tips by Reshma, on the Make Love Not Scars youtube channel.

She uses a simple format of a makeup tutorial, to bring to light a much larger problem  facing India. After giving her beauty tip she then compares the simple beauty item to a situation involving the sale of acid in India. As example her important tip in the, How to get the perfect red lips video, she mentions how finding a red lipstick is as easy as picking up acid. Why is something so dangerous, as easy to acquire as a red lipstick?.

These videos got her recognized around the world and she was recently asked to be part of New York Fashion Week. Her strength and determination have now helped to increase the awareness on such an important problem.



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