Survey Results Update

When I first started posting my survey I wasn’t expecting very many results. I am overwhelmed with how many I’ve managed to get so far and am still trying for more. As of right now I’ve received 120 responses and 50 responses of interest to be involved in the thought of a campaign.

I am aiming to have survey results from both genders, which has been my largest struggle as of yet. It’s very hard to figure out how to pull in responses from males who wear makeup, especially when talking about judgements on makeup use. I don’t want to offend anyone and don’t know anyone personally. I plan to inquire at makeup stores and places where there may be males working in the makeup industry as well.

Analyzing the survey results has been eye opening and very reassuring. Personally I have felt judged for wearing and not wearing makeup. Sometimes you can forget or doubt that others feel the same way. After going through the results it is very clear that many feel the same way, and a campaign of these sorts could be very useful.

The saddest thing about going through responses was how judgements has made people feel or allow it to change their decisions. In the contrary when asking, “What is the best word to describe the confidence you personally feel with makeup?” the responses poured with positivity. This reassured my plan of trying to focus on, and bring out the positives of makeup use. Each person should be able to make their own decisions on their makeup use for whatever makes them feel best.

I know that in a world of pressures and expectations from the media this is a much larger issue, but I hope to tackle a small part of it. If I can use design, to at least make one person feel more confident in being themselves, then I’ve succeeded.




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