Reflective Questions

1. Is my research topic the same, modified or is it taking a completely new direction?

My questions has been modified and the new research question is: How can makeup be used by both genders to promote confidence?

2. If it’s changed – why has it changed?

My research question has changed to correlate more to the direction of my possible design solution. This will follow more into the side of the confidence people possess. Whether that be with makeup or without.

3. Is my annotated bibliography still relevant? Do I need to source new or improved journal articles?

My annotated bibliography is still related to my new research question. I have journal articles that cover many different sides to makeup and they do still touch on the confidence and different aspects of makeup use.

4. Have my influential creative practitioners changed? Why? Or why not (justify why they have remained the same)?

No my creative practitioners have not changed. I feel as though they are still relevant to my topic and research question. Moving forward I have been looking at extra resources though and may add additional sources that add relevant information.

5. What are my initial ideas for a graphic design outcome? did you mind map them? 

I have rough sketches and ideas that will follow this post soon. They go over some very different concepts. I’ve looked into doing a visual ad campaign that could also run into a social campaign. My initial ideas as of right now include stop motion photography for the actual visuals. I have also considered a puzzle type of look or hand done lettering with the use of makeup.

6. Have I drawn loose sketches to represent these initial ideas?

I have some very rough concepts of the above ideas that will follow in a separate post.

7. What is the intended message and how will it be attached to my graphic design outcome?

The general intended message is confidence and other attributes that makeup can bring the user. I want to experiment and research more into what makes each person feel their best. What makeup or version of themselves makes them feel the most confident? Everyone feels differently with themselves and being in their own skin that this could be opened up to a large social campaign.

8. Who will receive this message? Who is the intended target audience?

My audience for this design outcome is left open to any makeup user. I want to include both genders and all age groups if they are wanting to participate in such a campaign.

9. What effect am I trying to achieve through graphic design? What do I want people to do?

I want to give a completely positive effect to anyone included, watching, and participating in this possible campaign. The main goal is to understand the positivity that makeup can bring people, no matter how much they use. Each person should be happy with themselves and where the face that makes them feel most like themselves.

10. Have I researched other people’s related design work and campaigns? How is mine different to other designers who have tackled the same topic? 

I have done some research into other campaigns and I find all makeup campaigns really stick to one topic. A lot of the campaigns right now are either very negative on makeup aspects or very positive. There are campaigns touching on being natural and not wearing makeup, or wearing makeup and why its right for them. The goal with this campaign is to bring a positive generalization on the fact that fresh face or full face of makeup should be ok. The right option is what makes the user feel best and most confident, which is different for everyone.

11. Have I researched the style, aesthetic and format that these ideas might take?

I have not looked very deep into the specific style and design elements that may take place in this campaign. I definitely want to go with a consistent look and feel through the whole campaign but will be doing more research on the overall style.

12. Can these ideas be achieved? Are they feasible in the time frame?

I think these ideas are definitely possible and even if it is a tight schedule can be achieved in this time frame.

13. Is my blog up to date with all of the above information?

It is now. 🙂



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