A New Question

Yet again I have changed my research question, hopefully for the last time. For this half of action research and creating a design solution I have decided to move back towards my first ideas. These ideas were focussing on the confidence that makeup can bring to all different people. Regardless of the different reasons that everyone uses make up, one key connector is that it can give you a confidence that you just didn’t have without it.

Makeup can be used for everyday wear, for theatre, a night out, medical reasons, sports like synchronized swimming, etc. There are so many different purposes and everyone seems to have their own reason. I want to see how makeup makes all different people feel, the confidence it brings them, the negatives of their makeup use or if they experience a negative reaction while wearing makeup.

This could lead to many different outcomes such as; printed resources, social campaigns, video campaigns, puzzles, mixed visuals, etc.

There are lots of different aspects of makeup and moving forward I will be adjusting my research question to match more the direction of my possible design solution.



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