Action Research 2 – A New Start

This semester I will be diving back into the information and research I found last semester. In a quick brainstorm from a bootcamp worksheet, these are some of the first topics to come to mind for my current question.

What is your research topic/question?

How can design help uncover what’s really behind the makeup we’re putting on and what it is concealing?

What is the goal? What do you hope to achieve  with your graphic design?

Bring more awareness and clarity to the use of makeup. Confidence it brings and reasons for use.

Thinking about the surveys, etc you conducted – What did the data tell you? What points were raised as a result?

Makeup can be taken in both positive and negative ways. Users are still lacking in knowledge of the products. Why is there such a large negative viewing on personal reasons for wearing makeup?

Visual brain dumping:

Makeup ingredients > dangers, is it safe?, what’s inside, awareness, safe products?, public.

Identity > new you, confidence, personal reasons, feelings, be yourself!, how you feel.

Concealment > less is more, how you feel, what it does for you, cover up.

Campaigns > social, posters, video, audio, awareness, visuals, viral, snapchat filters, trends.