Changing My Research Question Again

I have gone back and forth throughout this semester changing my research question to fit my new developments. I think I have finally come to a point where I am happy with my question now.

My current research question is now presented as: How can design help uncover what’s really behind the makeup we’re putting on and what it is concealing?

The key in my research is to find out how much more is there to makeup, than what you see on the surface. Based on my current research I have been looking into and what I plan to conduct through my own surveys, I hope to discover the true importance of what makeup is doing in todays society. There is so much to makeup that the user doesn’t know about; whether it be what’s in it, how it’s made, why its truly used, or the perceptions made by using it. Through the research I thrive to figure out how I can contribute to the overall knowledge that people have on makeup with the use of design. The scope of my research into the world of makeup has shown me how much depth there is to a topic that may have seemed very straight forward in the beginning. It’s important for makeup users to be aware of what they’re using and why they are doing so.

Through future research and design processes I think design can definitely be used to help display this information, and may in fact be the best. The most popular things online are visuals and videos because it grabs attention. By creating the right solution through design it could be very successful in uncovering what’s really behind the makeup.



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