What does makeup mean to you?

I came across an interesting article that talks about what makeup means to women. This can be such a broadly talked about subject with makeup. For some people makeup means a shield, a creative outlet, or a fun accessory for that special occasion. There are also those that think makeup is being used only for the pleasure of the person viewing those wearing the makeup. Makeup can be for the user itself or people seeing it, but it seems to be so controversial.

“… the age-old desire to paint our faces as a means of becoming more appealing to men. I don’t believe that most women apply makeup for that reason. I think we apply it for ourselves,”says Laura Barnett. I love the meaning of what she writes here and that is my opinion on makeup use. I think there is still a large part of the population who uses makeup for the pleasure that it brings themselves. When I put my makeup on it makes me feel expressive and happy with myself. I like the way it makes me feel because I find it the best way to express another side of myself and my creativity.

Makeup makes it easy for people to express themselves in their own way. Everyone applies makeup differently. Different colours, products, styles.. and this is ok. This is what makes it unique and such a versatile accessory for people to use. Why should others care about the reason why someone applies their makeup, and why should that makeup user care about the opinions on their use.




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