Confidence Makeup

There are many different reasons to wear makeup. Different occasions, health reasons, or work environments. The most common trend to why we wear the makeup for those things seem to all relate back to one term. Confidence Makeup. “When a woman feels confident it can permeate every aspect of her life,” says Hannah Martin who is the makeup artist of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton is know for looking effortlessly flawless.

The goal in Hannah’s work as a makeup artist is to enhance the life of women and even though some may deem this ridiculous she thinks that it is truly possible.

If you have a chance check out her tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup as, confidence makeup. This enhances natural features, while trying to achieve a flawless, non-cakey base. Her techniques are simple and achievable by all in order to help women look and feel at their best.



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