Do you know what’s in your makeup?

When you go to the store or purchase your makeup online do you read the ingredients? If you did would you even be able to tell what those items actually consist of?

Many say that if you are purchasing items where you can’t tell or decipher what those ingredients are, then you probably shouldn’t be buying it. To help in figuring out what some of the items may be I found a useful post on different ingredients that may be commonly used, and what they actually mean.

The Most Common Ingredients Found In Makeup, Cosmetics, Skincare, Shampoos, Hair Conditioners And Other Beauty Products: Dictionary

Hopefully this can help for people looking to learn more about what they’re actually putting on their skin. There are lots of brands and companies that work organically or naturally to promote healthier living. My suggestion is to try and read up or investigate your products online because that can be a little less overwhelming trying to google odd ingredient lists at the store.



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