Possibilities Moving Forward

Through my research I have developed a lot of good research and opened my eyes to my personal knowledge on makeup.

Moving forward I am very interested in the concept of ad campaigns, videos, and/or photography. I want to create something powerful that can help to inform people of everything there really is to makeup. Whether it be good, bad, or both. Something that interacts with the viewer or their emotion to get them really thinking about the subject, and to make them want to evoke change. Change in either the way they use makeup, the safety of the makeup they use, or even the views they have on makeup.

I think it’s also important as a makeup user to self reflect on everything I have learned and take everything into consideration. I want to document what I knew about makeup and the changes in the knowledge I’ve learned along the way. I have also considered the possibility of doing a small personal research project of double checking the ingredients in my makeup. I think it would be very insightful to make sure that ingredients aren’t getting past us when we may not know what they mean, or trust the company too much.

I hope that this next part of my research can develop into a successful design solution to make others aware on the products they’re using and why.



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