Changing My Research Question Again

I have gone back and forth throughout this semester changing my research question to fit my new developments. I think I have finally come to a point where I am happy with my question now.

My current research question is now presented as: How can design help uncover what’s really behind the makeup we’re putting on and what it is concealing?

The key in my research is to find out how much more is there to makeup, than what you see on the surface. Based on my current research I have been looking into and what I plan to conduct through my own surveys, I hope to discover the true importance of what makeup is doing in todays society. There is so much to makeup that the user doesn’t know about; whether it be what’s in it, how it’s made, why its truly used, or the perceptions made by using it. Through the research I thrive to figure out how I can contribute to the overall knowledge that people have on makeup with the use of design. The scope of my research into the world of makeup has shown me how much depth there is to a topic that may have seemed very straight forward in the beginning. It’s important for makeup users to be aware of what they’re using and why they are doing so.

Through future research and design processes I think design can definitely be used to help display this information, and may in fact be the best. The most popular things online are visuals and videos because it grabs attention. By creating the right solution through design it could be very successful in uncovering what’s really behind the makeup.


What does makeup mean to you?

I came across an interesting article that talks about what makeup means to women. This can be such a broadly talked about subject with makeup. For some people makeup means a shield, a creative outlet, or a fun accessory for that special occasion. There are also those that think makeup is being used only for the pleasure of the person viewing those wearing the makeup. Makeup can be for the user itself or people seeing it, but it seems to be so controversial.

“… the age-old desire to paint our faces as a means of becoming more appealing to men. I don’t believe that most women apply makeup for that reason. I think we apply it for ourselves,”says Laura Barnett. I love the meaning of what she writes here and that is my opinion on makeup use. I think there is still a large part of the population who uses makeup for the pleasure that it brings themselves. When I put my makeup on it makes me feel expressive and happy with myself. I like the way it makes me feel because I find it the best way to express another side of myself and my creativity.

Makeup makes it easy for people to express themselves in their own way. Everyone applies makeup differently. Different colours, products, styles.. and this is ok. This is what makes it unique and such a versatile accessory for people to use. Why should others care about the reason why someone applies their makeup, and why should that makeup user care about the opinions on their use.



First Draft Poster Critique

For my last assessment for this Action Research class I have compiled all of my research information into a poster format.

We then had class critiques on our first drafts and went around giving critical feedback on everyones posters. Here is photo of some of the feedback I received to then edit my first draft to my final outcome poster.


I will then take this feedback and change my layout and content while taking all these notes into account.


Confidence Makeup

There are many different reasons to wear makeup. Different occasions, health reasons, or work environments. The most common trend to why we wear the makeup for those things seem to all relate back to one term. Confidence Makeup. “When a woman feels confident it can permeate every aspect of her life,” says Hannah Martin who is the makeup artist of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton is know for looking effortlessly flawless.

The goal in Hannah’s work as a makeup artist is to enhance the life of women and even though some may deem this ridiculous she thinks that it is truly possible.

If you have a chance check out her tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup as, confidence makeup. This enhances natural features, while trying to achieve a flawless, non-cakey base. Her techniques are simple and achievable by all in order to help women look and feel at their best.


Do you know what’s in your makeup?

When you go to the store or purchase your makeup online do you read the ingredients? If you did would you even be able to tell what those items actually consist of?

Many say that if you are purchasing items where you can’t tell or decipher what those ingredients are, then you probably shouldn’t be buying it. To help in figuring out what some of the items may be I found a useful post on different ingredients that may be commonly used, and what they actually mean.

The Most Common Ingredients Found In Makeup, Cosmetics, Skincare, Shampoos, Hair Conditioners And Other Beauty Products: Dictionary

Hopefully this can help for people looking to learn more about what they’re actually putting on their skin. There are lots of brands and companies that work organically or naturally to promote healthier living. My suggestion is to try and read up or investigate your products online because that can be a little less overwhelming trying to google odd ingredient lists at the store.


Possibilities Moving Forward

Through my research I have developed a lot of good research and opened my eyes to my personal knowledge on makeup.

Moving forward I am very interested in the concept of ad campaigns, videos, and/or photography. I want to create something powerful that can help to inform people of everything there really is to makeup. Whether it be good, bad, or both. Something that interacts with the viewer or their emotion to get them really thinking about the subject, and to make them want to evoke change. Change in either the way they use makeup, the safety of the makeup they use, or even the views they have on makeup.

I think it’s also important as a makeup user to self reflect on everything I have learned and take everything into consideration. I want to document what I knew about makeup and the changes in the knowledge I’ve learned along the way. I have also considered the possibility of doing a small personal research project of double checking the ingredients in my makeup. I think it would be very insightful to make sure that ingredients aren’t getting past us when we may not know what they mean, or trust the company too much.

I hope that this next part of my research can develop into a successful design solution to make others aware on the products they’re using and why.