The Cycle

Within the research I have been doing it can be very confusing. I find everything I see online goes back and worth within each other. It leaves me wondering if makeup is helping with problems or causing the problems. There are so many sides to look at and it leaves me confused on what I should be focussed on.

I have read articles and watched videos on how makeup can help people feel more confident in their own skin. Then I’ll find research on how so much makeup is being used, that these people are becoming obsessed with looking beautiful. The social outlook on makeup is focussed on looking ‘perfect’ and that’s how everyone wants to look

If people are wearing makeup to feel confident because they don’t feel confident. While they aren’t feeling confident because they don’t look perfect. But they don’t feel perfect because the message in the media is how to make yourself beautiful, you need makeup. Is the confidence being helped or is makeup being so blown out of proportion that it’s causing its own problem?

Is this cycle inevitable?



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