There can be so much controversy around makeup. Looking through so many articles and videos I think it can start to be blinding to what makeup can actually do for someone.

Everyone has different outlooks on makeup and their feelings toward it. But one of the most popular things I see online is how it can bring people a confidence that they didn’t have before. We all have our own reasons for either not wearing or wearing makeup, but wether you’re wearing it to make yourself feel more confident it can have a way of doing that regardless.

You can find articles that present both sides, like in, The Interesting ways studies show that makeup can boost confidence. They talk about how there are studies showing how women even rate themselves as being more attractive with makeup. But also stating how people wearing makeup in a way to almost disguise themselves “tend to be less emotionally stable.”

Overall makeup can be worn to enhance confidence and that can really help people boost their self esteem.




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