The Cost

I came across this video Glamour Magazine posted a couple days ago titled, The Cost of Being a Woman. Granted I am not researching costs of all the products or items covered it can be eye opening to visually see. If you have a spare moment to watch the video you’ll see how the daily routine of a woman can be very pricey and very much so higher than the cost of the average male.

These costs shouldn’t be expected of women because they’re supposed to look how the media portrays them. This generalization of women and the standard of beauty today isn’t helping in regards to money, and time that a lot of women don’t have.

People who don’t wear makeup or don’t have very much experience with makeup may not even realize how much these products can amount too. There are always ways to get things  on the cheap side but if you are looking at anything of quality or more natural products to not harm your skin they can be very over priced. This video posted by BuzzFeed Video, Guys Guess Makeup Prices, shows some examples of how drastic the pricing can really be.

What do you think about the pricing side of things? If women are expected to wear makeup for work, shouldn’t it be taken into account that they’re spending so much on a daily routine, that otherwise would be unnecessary.


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