Assessment Item 1 -3602QCA [Is there a choice?]

For certain cultural norms has the choice of wearing makeup disappeared?

When makeup first started  in history, it began in a more accepting time where it was frequently worn by both the sexes. As time progressed, the various cultures developed specific criteria on how it was to be worn. Today, even though we may have many more freedoms in how we choose to wear our makeup in style, do we really have the choice to wear makeup in certain cultural norms?

It is felt that Women are supposed to wear makeup. However, Women who wear makeup aren’t natural. Men who wear makeup must be gay. Society as a whole says Men can’t wear makeup.

These are all statements online that shouldn’t mean nearly as much as they do in our society today. For some reason, the perceptions on makeup today seem to completely focus on the sexes.

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Some history behind makeup

Makeup has been around for a long time, maybe it hasn’t always been Maybelline, but the concept and application of makeup has been around in many cultures throughout the eras. The first known recordings of makeup’s use, was it being used in ancient Egypt for appearance and religion, which was as early as 4000BC. This was worn by men and women, and played a huge, recognizable part of their culture.

Through the ages, makeup has gone through many changes and developments. Every culture and time period has different “trends” per say, that you could go into and discuss about in detail. I’m not going to be doing that because we could then be talking about it for hours. I will however, share two videos with you to get a slight idea of the different ways makeup has been used throughout the ages.

If you have a look at the video BuzzFeed put together of ‘Women’s Makeup Throughout History’, you’ll see how certain trends are shared, some are completely different, and some we still borrow from today.

If you are interested in a more detailed comparison, check out Lisa Eldridge’s ‘Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History.’ I find it very interesting that where makeup started in ancient Egyptian culture everyone could wear it and were so accepting of it. In todays society we have definitely become more accepting of having choice of what style you wear your makeup in or what makeup trend you follow. The main difference we have though is the acceptance of who can wear makeup and why they choose too.

So do we all really have a choice about makeup? If you are a female do you feel like you have to wear makeup, or that if you do wear makeup you are being judged for hiding something? If you are male do you get ridiculed for wearing makeup or your choices to use beauty products?

I want to research more into what choices we really have with makeup in todays society and how we are judged for the ones we make.




My name is Jessica and I’m going to be working on a research project involving makeup in todays society. There are many different areas within this but specifically, I am trying to investigate if, for certain cultural norms the choice of wearing makeup has disappeared.

I look forward to researching more into this subject and hope that anyone with an interest enjoys reading on what I find.